LogoWelcome to Normalize Cloth! Here, we believe cloth should be an equal option to disposables! Part time or full time, seasonal or emergency-only, cloth diapering in it’s modern sense is very much adaptable to a huge variety of lifestyles! It’s amazing to think how only a couple generations ago, the options were few and had to work for everyone. Now the options are beyond plentiful, the technology highly accommodating, and we believe cloth deserves it’s place as a normal, sustainable option in the American household. 

But how can we eliminate many of the common misconceptions of cloth unless we both advocate and educate our peers? Thus, Normalize Cloth became my outlet to accomplish this feat.


Read My Story to learn why I made the switch from disposables to cloth and how it saved my family’s sanity during financial crisis!

Check out the YouTube channel for some interesting video content you won’t find here on the blog! 

Below are a couple of my favorite retailers! They are affiliate links, as are some (but not all) of the links in my blog posts, but understand that I have been recommending and shopping at these retailers LONG before I (hesitantly) took the leap into their affiliate programs. In fact, I decided to go ahead because of the potential to benefit my subscribers! I like to give things away. It’s a win-win-win. It’s a joy for me to give, it’s a blessing for you to receive, and it’s both promoting and patronizing small businesses!


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