Free PDF Cloth Diaper Booklet

pbdyccdbOne of the first daunting tasks I was faced with when I decided to bring Plumbum Diapers to fruition was the making of an illustrated booket. It couldn’t be too large or it would be overwhelming, but it couldn’t be so skimpy that important details were omitted. If I tried to decipher each diaper style, I’d be writing a full fledge book for sure. It had to be affordable to print from home, so no full-page color photos, but it had to have proper color illustrations to minimize confusion.

A lot of thought went into this booklet. My fellow directors and I discussed the best options for these kits we distribute, which is the basis of the information the booklet details. We had to balance incorperating something user-friendly as to not discourage those with virtually no knowledge on the subject, but likewise we needed to decide which option would work for the greatest for the most diverse spectrum of people. They had to be something both parents could use and that would fit many babies.

We decided on flats. What is wonderful about flats is that, while they are incredibly intimidating initially, they’re as equally easy to figure out and use. Because they can be folded numerous ways, a standard flat can fit a huge spectrum of babies. Because they are one large piece of single-layer fabric, laundering them has a much higher success rate and far fewer issues. The nature of a flat diaper also means that it can line dry both indoors and outside much quicker than, say, a prefold with many layers sewn together. We took into account those with an aversion to pins: a huge factor in the success of cloth diapering as this one feature stands between making this user-friendly and user-frustrating. This is why we implemented both snap-on one-size covers and a snappi into the kit. This way, those who struggle with folds can simply padfold the flat and lay it into the cover, and those who find most success “pinning” the diaper on can use the snappi to secure it.

All this to say, this is just a small margin of consideration, but the basic reasons we chose to work more exclusively with flats. They have a very high success rate when you consider many factors, and when the decision was made to make flats the primary focus, this isolated the content of our booklets to be less of a book and more of an actual booklet, detailing the pertinent information yet omitting the excess fluff (horrible pun intended).

Our kits include 3 covers, 12 flats, a snappi, and the booklet. Three covers is the absolute starting minimum. You can get by with 3 covers if you wash them as you go, which is not ideal if you decide to cloth diaper full time, but it’s a start. Likewise, 12 diapers is a minimal number for any baby of any age. The snappi is added for the sake of increasing success rate (a must to moms like myself), and the fully illustrated booklet ensures that people are prepared to use their kit. No washer, no dryer, no prior knowledge? No problem.

The nature of this kit is to be a starter kit for those interested in giving cloth a try, a supplement to those who want to reduce the financial burden of disposables, or just a plan B for those moments of crisis that can occur more often than we sometimes care to admit.

The booklet is broken down into sections: What’s in the kit, how to use the kit, how to care for the contents, and then troubleshooting common problems.

Now the reasons I make this readily available for those who don’t necessarily distribute kits is simple: even if you don’t have the exact contents, per se, the booklet breaks down this information in a way that is useful to anybody. So even without a kit, the booklet alone can help someone new to cloth diapering tremendously. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Part of my nit pickiness makes me want to product a perfect booklet the first time around, but I’ve come to finally accept that, as most things in life, that is simply not the case. I’m already on version 5 of the booklet. Editing is an ongoing effort to ensure the content says correct, up-to-date, and clearly understood. And I’m always welcome to feedback, edits, corrections, etc.

Now, the booklet is anyone’s to use if they wish, but by downloading and using the booklet, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. You will not claim ownership or authorship.
  2. You will not alter, edit, add, remove, or otherwise change any of the contents of the booklet (without prior written permission to do so).
  3. You understand this is property of Plumbum Diapers, Inc.
  4. You will not sell or lease this booklet in any way for any sum for any reason.
  5. Plumbum Diapers, Inc reserves the right to revoke any privileges if there is any reasonable cause to believe that the booklet is being misused or abused in a way that goes against these terms or misrepresents Plumbum Diapers, Inc.

I’m all about advocating for cloth diapers! The nature of a cloth diaper kit provides an ongoing solution to the diaper need that a pack of disposables can only merely patch. But advocating is just a start. Education is the key to transitioning people from knowing to doing. This is why I made my booklet available for distribution, and I pray it helps people out.


If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form or email me at !

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