Free 1-on-1 Cloth Diaper Consultation

confusionIMG_20180412_075607_506I know how overwhelming it is to take a glance at a modern cloth diapers and freak out over the dozens of snaps, the price tags, the concept of poop-removal, and the entirely new world of acronyms and terminology. I know how scary cloth diapers can seem.

It’s really not that bad, though! Honest! I firmly believe cloth diapers can be incorporated into any circumstance to at least some degree. I also believe the more of us who are willing to give them a chance, even if only part time, the more we can normalize cloth diapering, which would inadvertently promote more widespread acceptance of cloth diapers as well as further fuel the development of more innovative reusable products. In turn, this could be the difference of millions of tons of landfill and it begins with you and me telling manufacturers, companies, and the government that we want less wasteful options!


Because of this, I want to make sure you are set up for success! To do so, I am offering free personal cloth diapering consultation to anyone who needs help and would benefit from more one-on-one help.

Want to see a comparison of styles? I can do that.

Want to know more about a certain brand? I can tell you.

Want to know what your budget can buy? I can help you.

Do you want to do face time to see how a diaper goes on or see the diaper closer? I can show you.

Local or nearby York, PA? I can meet up with you someplace public and show you some cloth diapers in person!

Whatever questions you have, I will gladly answer! You can email me at to request a free consultation! And, of course, feel free to use the comment box below at any time to ask any questions you need answered or any details you need clarified. You can also add your experience and advice, we’d all love to hear!

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