Veteran Retailers Disappearing?

With a lot of cloth diaper retailers closing lately, there has been a lot of talk about what exactly is going on. Fingers are being pointed at large-scale retailers for undermining small business or even consumers for not shopping the mom and pop shops. Some are saying “china cheapies” are the culprit, luring people away from quality products (and subsequently the retailers who sell them). Some are simply pointing out the decline of cloth diapering moms. Perhaps the excitement is fading?

A couple retailers are closing for family health problems. One isn’t closing per se, but is undergoing a major shift in direction from general retailer to focusing on developing their brands. Some are admitting it’s just time to move on to different life ventures. Finances did play a role in some retailers’ decisions.

In the past year, we’ve watched several veteran retailers close doors (or shift direction). It’s shocking, but it also isn’t. Simply put, life carries us in different directions. Even large businesses find themselves under the sway of circumstances that put them in a position to either change direction, adapt, or simply close doors. It happens often, only more so to the vulnerable, smaller businesses.

It is so sad to see our beloved retailers go, especially since they pretty much all have formed family-like relationships with the customers (something you’ll never get from Amazon or Walmart), but it’s so super important not to get too caught up in the changes! Instead of focusing on all the doors closing (or who is to blame), we should each do our part in seeing (or should I say, shopping at) all the windows of opportunity!

There are many small retailers who can benefit from our patronage! Even if you find yourself needing very little anymore, simply sharing the page and letting people know about cloth diapering in general can do so much to help a business owner pay their bills and feed their family.

We each have power in our dollars and our time. How we choose to invest both can literally be a world of difference. Find a new love. Search for a small business you feel welcome in, promote them, interact on their pages, share their posts, try to make them a first stop for any needs you can afford, from Christmas shopping for toys to buying hygiene products to assembling baby shower gifts. Buy gift cards to these places and give them away to people you know who could benefit from anything that site has to offer! That’s the best way to create a new regular customer! You’d be amazed how such tiny interactions can really boost a small business!

Some of my favorite retailers are:

Dipes ‘n’ Duds, a semi-local-to-me retailer with epic Smart Bottoms exclusives.

*My Sweet Pickles, a retailer who sells Diaper Rite (my fast-growing favorite brand) and boasts amazing perks including 5% back on all your purchases with double rewards Mondays!

Ulmie’s Nest, another wonderful small retailer with awesome coupons and a sweetheart owner who is very heavily involved in her community, both online and local!

*Nicki’s Diapers, a well-known, veteran retailer with a wonderful brand of their own who often stays on top of stocking all the well-known brands of a huge array of products.

What are some of your favorite retailers?

Some of these links are affiliate links! That’s right, I finally did it! I love these stores so much that I recommended them already, but someone gave me the idea to use the perks to fuel giveaways! I think that’s a wonderful idea! So know that shopping through the links with the (*) will compensate me!

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