2019 Flats & Handwashing Challenge Bracelet

You can find this posted on the Flats and Handwashing Challenge Facebook Group:


Who wants a “2019 Flats & Handwashing Challenge Survivor” bracelet?!

I placed an order for these and they are due to arrive to me on May 30th! If you want to “preorder” one, I chose to use eBay as the platform to sell them for a couple reasons: besides the fact that eBay backs your purchases, it also enables me me to donate 100% of the proceeds to Jake’s Diapers without me having to handle the donations myself (or without it looking like a massive donation from just me). This is added security for all of us! It also makes it easier for me to process orders, and because 100% of the proceeds are being donated, eBay will credit me for my listings so then I’m not paying to list them. It is clearly stated on the listing that 100% of the proceeds are donated to Jakes Diapers. No ifs ands or buts!
It’s only $1 for the bracelet, then the cost of shipping.
But please, if you want one and cannot for any reason afford one, message me and I’ll make sure you get one!
Also eBay has a global Shipping program, but that can be pretty costly for those outside of the states, so if you live outside of the US and you want one but don’t want to use the global Shipping program, message me and we’ll work out first class international shipping!
And PLEASE don’t feel like you aren’t qualified for one if you didnt complete the challenge or you feel like you “failed”. Your experience is so incredibly valuable and you are a survivor!

Please consider getting one to support Jakes Diapers! I’ll update on this post (or in this group) when I receive them! Check em out!

The reason I didn’t choose tshirts was because I wanted something that could be available and usable to everyone!

If you cannot afford one for any reason, or if you live internationally, message me on eBay, Facebook, YouTube, or using the contact form here.

They are available until they are gone!

Thank you everyone who already purchased one! 100% of the proceeds benefits Jake’s Diapers!

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