Bebeboo Diapers Brand Rep!

This is fairly new territory for me. Representing a brand doesn’t come lightly. I don’t leap for any opportunity just to suck up perks. I can’t advocate for products I dislike. I would even go as far to say I can’t advocate for products I kind of like. I wouldn’t be doing anybody a service, including myself, with a half-hearted investment. I’m not that kind of person, either. Time is a precious commodity, even for a SAHM like myself. I have to really believe in a brand, including everything from the products to the customer care, to really feel comfortable representing the brand.

[This was why I advocated for Buttons Diapers in the past on an unofficial level, eventually stopping altogether (to put it vaguely, nobody wants to feel like a business keeps pushing their customers to the back burner so they can thrust themselves into the spotlight and smile for the pictures).]

This is why I am proud to say I am representing Bebeboo Diapers for the first quarter of 2020!

How was I introduced to Bebeboo Diapers?

During November and December of last year, I was given the privilege to store rep for Pannolino Bambino. Bri is an amazing person to work with and it’s thrilling to watch her shop grow! It’s a unique shop featuring both domestic and international brands of diapers as well as many eco-friendly products! I highly recommend following the reps on Instagram for a good look at some of those neat products! Some of them are on my instagram as well… which I also recommend following because of certain upcoming


giveaways *hint hint*. One of the brands I gave a try was Bebeboo Diapers. I’ll admit, I call my youngest daughter “babyboo”, so the name really struck a soft spot with me. Paired with my love of sunflowers and seeing Here Comes the Sun, I was extremely excited to try out the products!

Bri was so generous to send me a changing mat for free, which, honestly, I don’t normally like changing mats. They’re so…. meh. But these are awesome! I immediately bought more diapers and it goes from there. I’ll elaborate more on the diapers on IG and YouTube, so make sure you are subscribed and following if you want to know more about why I love them so much!

“What’s in this for you?”


The perks for me include a discount on any additional products I want to buy during my term and the possibility of free product, including new releases! I was honored when Thea (the owner/founder) sent me the winter release along with beautiful cardstock informing me that I’ve been selected as brand rep! She impresses me with her selection of florals, which make a boy mom like me happy, and her enthusiasm is contagious! She is also very sympathetic to her customers, always taking their needs, desires, and feelings into account. But look at me rambling over here…. I also get reimbursed for anyone who uses the Friends & Family code, which, honestly, anything I make from affiliate links or programs like these, I turn around and use as product/gift card giveaways for my YouTube channel!

What’s in this for Bebeboo Diapers?

I’m required to advocate, of course, for her brand. This is why I take these things rather seriously and why I don’t just jump on board to apply anywhere. If I’m not excited about a brand, it’ll show. If I am only kind of interested but not all that impressed, it will show. I love this brand, from the owner to the products! So I do my best to make sure others know about this brand, only now I have the ability to promote the brand in more fun ways for you!

“What’s in this for me?”

YOU get to enjoy the benefit of a friends & family discount and keep your eyes peeled for the giveaways! Thea has very generous giveaways in store for you, so if you don’t follow Bebeboo Diapers on Instagram or Facebook and haven’t joined the Bebeboo and Friends facebook group, I highly recommend it! Follow the other brand reps, too, for more opportunities! Like I said above, any perks I receive from people using my code I tend to turn around as MORE giveaways for all of you! Because, to me, it’s a joy to purchase from the brand I love, and a greater joy to have the opportunity to share free products with others to expand a brand I love!

Check out Bebeboo Diapers today and use code “holt10” to save money on your purchase! Want to know what I recommend? Well, only everything! Seriously! But if you want more product details and reviews, check out my channel on YouTube or follow me on Instagram!

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