Cloth Diapering 101 Pamphlet FREE PDF


Can you fit everything about cloth diapering into a little pamphlet? No. Cloth diapering is overwhelming to the newcomer. I would know. When I first looked into cloth diapering, there was no clear-cut explanation. I was thrusted into a heap of new terminology and acronyms, drowning in confusion. It was so daunting that my knee-jerk reaction was to say “screw it, this is too complex”. It was a couple months later that my stubbornness made me look into it again and I finally took the first all-or-none step into cloth diapers.

This pamphlet is to be as straight-forward as possible without missing an extremely relevant detail. Common questions for people who are curious about cloth diapering include:

What are they?

How do you use them?

How to you wash them?

How many do I need?

(And, most popularly asked:) What do I do about poop?

This pamphlet answers those basic questions. As much as I could love to include how to handwash, all the ways these styles are interchangeable, all the ways you can cloth diaper for nearly (if not) free, it just isn’t relevant to the absolute basics. I have thought of putting a second booklet together or expanding the Plumbum Diapers booklet to be more entailing of various styles of cloth diapers. As we occasionally receive various donations of styles different than what we typically offer in a kit, it’s important for moms to at least know what they are. It was actually a combination of wanting to supply more information in conjunction to the Plumbum Kits paired with diaper shortages resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic that stirred me to put this together. Most of these graphics were already made and just uselessly stored in my computer anyhow. It’s nice to put them to work.

By the way, if you think somebody would benefit from any of the information found in the Plumbum Booklet (that isn’t found in the pamphlet), the PDF download is here. You can always just print the page you need (like, say, the handwashing page).

An important bit about the pamphlet:

This is a full color pamphlet. I have zero intentions to create a black and white version. You may think this limits the ability to distribute and I’m sorry if that creates problems for you, as trying to print this pamphlet in black and white will muddy some of the text and images. Furthermore, printing them from your printer with standard computer paper will make reading difficult. I recommend 80 or 100 lb paper if you want to print it yourself. One nice thing about a pamphlet (as opposed to the booklet) is the ease of sending off the labor to a printing company. I found a printing company that will print them for me, full color front and back, already folded, on glossy 100 lb paper, for 25 cents a copy, with discounts provided for those with educational materials to print. If you want color copies to distribute, I highly recommend finding someone to print (and even fold) them for you, even if you aren’t doing many. The reason I’m keeping this full color is simple: color is easier to understand and read. As overwhelming as cloth diapering can be, reducing confusion and keeping concepts easy to understand is the goal.

Now, this is fiddle faddle for most of you who are decent human beings… but for the people who cannot appreciate/respect the countless hours I poured into creating this pamphlet in it’s entirety…


  1. You will not claim ownership or authorship.
  2. You will not alter, edit, add, remove, or otherwise change any of the contents of the pamphlet. (Please feel free to message me, though, about any changes you would like seen).
  3. You understand this is property of Normalize Cloth.
  4. You will not sell or distribute this pamphlet for profit in any format.
  5. Normalize Cloth reserves the right to revoke any privileges if there is any reasonable cause to believe that the pamphlet is being misused or abused in a way that goes against these terms and/or misrepresents Normalize Cloth.


I will be keeping the PDF posted here as up-to-date as possible, should it be modified (which it may, these things evolve to get better and better!).

Have a blessed day and stay healthy!

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