Public Goods- My Experience since 2017

I know this seems irrelevant to cloth diapers specifically, but Normalize Cloth is about normalizing reusable options even beyond cloth diapers.

I don’t endorse companies willy-nilly. Most of the time, if a company really impresses me, I make the decision to share about them with others entirely based on my consumer experience.

So… Public Goods.

I get to enjoy a lifetime membership with them, not because I decided to share about them, but rather because I backed their initial funding on Kickstarter. Let me tell you, that has been the BEST THING I have ever backed on Kickstarter!

Am I getting incentives for sharing about them? Well, any member gets a shareable link where they can offer newcomers $10 off their first order and, likewise, the member who referred them gets $10, too. If you want to save $10 and help me out, you can sign up for Public Goods using this link and save some money. Other than that offer, which extends to everyone, I’m not receiving any special discounts or products for this article. This is entirely my experience, having been shopping with them since October 2017.

Public Goods started with just a few products, mostly hygiene, and has since expanded to a wide array of products.

They have excellent customer service. I once messaged them that I received a conditioner container with a busted pump. I didn’t ask them for a refund, in fact, I stated it wasn’t necessary since the conditioner was entirely otherwise intact and I had a container I could reuse (this was shortly before they began offering the refillable pouches), and they refunded me regardless. They aim to please, and that they do. They also promptly replied to an email I sent asking about the stock of their buffalo sauce, letting me know more was coming but the ETA was unclear.

In light of COVID-19, they have restricted some of the product quantities to allow more consumers access to essentials. While it’s annoying that I can’t buy toothbrushes for my entire family due to these restrictions (I can only buy 4, I needed 6, and I’m sure if I messaged them, they’d make an exception but I’m not that concerned about it right now), it’s refreshing to know they made it so someone like me who hasn’t seen hand sanitizer in over a month could finally buy a small bottle to refill what little I had.

Product-wise… my favorite is their conditioner. Bar none, you will never find a nicer conditioner. It works on my straight, heavy hair. It works on my daughter’s thick, curly hair. It works on my other daughter’s fine, dreadlocked hair. It smells amazing, it feels amazing, it IS amazing. I’ve never raved about conditioner before. I give them out as Christmas gifts to my family (with shampoo and bath soap) and they often tell me it’s their favorite gift they receive.

I’ve tried their tree-free toilet paper, and it’s weirdly impressive. Imagine grabbing cheap toilet paper, expecting it to fall apart in your crack, but it stays as strong as high end tp. It’s odd, but in a good way. It FEELS cheap, but FUNCTIONS superior to most toilet paper.

Their hot sauce… garlic habenero… I hesitated to try it because… well… habenero is HOT and I like the flavor of spice but highly dislike the burning mouth sensation. This is all the yum of the delicious pepper without the hurt-your-face burn. Yes it’s hot, but it’s not too hot for a wuss like me. Even my kids love it! It’s my favorite food product they have.

Their cleaners work great and smell lovely, definitely my preferred cleaners! All the bath items (hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash) are staples in this house, too. The ayote wash cloth makes scrubbing dead skin off a cinch! The lip balm is comparable to most average lip balms and, in my opinion, is pretty “meh”. The tissues are excellent, not thin by any means, definitely comparable to Kleenex. I keep them on hand because, while we’re a household of handkerchief users, most visitors wouldn’t appreciate to borrow a kerchief. I hand them a pack of these and they love them!

The walnut scrubber is perhaps the most-often purchased item from this household. I handwash dishes exclusively, and I loath how quick the average sponge takes on odors. This sponge has never, in my experience, harbored any foul odors, but that’s not even the best part. It works great, and with heavy use 3x’s a day, I usually get 3 weeks out of a scrubber before it meets the end of it’s life. And guess where it goes? I cut that bad boy up and compost it! That’s right, it’s entirely compostable! Woot! And the price on them compares to that of what you buy in the grocery store, only they don’t get stinky with time.

The biggest disappointment for me was the razor. It’s beautiful and it worked really well while I had it. It was amongst the first items I purchased in October of 2017, but by February 2020, it met it’s end. The piece that snaps the razor onto the head broke and it can no longer hold a blade. I’ve had razors from the store last my entire teenage and early adult life, so I was disappointed by that. I have not replaced it from Public Goods as I opted to get a single blade razor. The refills are much cheaper, ha!

Their bone broth is so delicious, but a word of caution: it’s heavily seasoned so I wouldn’t recommend it for anything that requires a more… bland broth. For instance, we made a leek and potato soup the other night and used this broth concentrate in it to the recommended dilution. The heavy seasons in the broth came through and wrecked the mild flavor profile of the leeks. It tasted like chicken soup rather than leek and potato soup. The kids still loved it and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t still good, but it definitely robbed the soup of it’s intended flavor.

The toothpaste is thicker than average toothpastes which has been nice since my kids love to really squeeze the tube anyways. With other toothpastes, they tend to use too much. With this toothpaste, they end up with about a pea sized amount when they give it a good squeeze, which is perfect for their little teeth and saves us from excessive waste. It’s also not harsh on the teeth at all, bonus points for me.

I’ve tried about everything I could and love most of their products. If you are looking for a lot of cruelty free, vegan, tree free, all around eco-friendly options, they have a lot to offer for an AMAZING price. It’s entirely worth the membership fee, which I would gladly pay if I ever were required to. We regularly stock our house with these cleaners and hygiene products.

If you have a question about a specific product (or products), I’ll gladly tell you my experience with them. After two and a half years of experiencing their products and customer service, as well as watching them grow, I feel extremely confident in recommending them now.

Get that conditioner. That alone is entirely worth the membership fee.

God Bless!

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