Cloth Diapers Inhibiting Development?

"Cloth Diapers inhibit motor development" says the expert. They'll gladly cite their source as their college degree. Cloth Diaper Myth #1937482 (but who's counting?), Cloth Diapered Babies Hit Milestones at a Slower Rate than Babies in Disposables. Somebody, please, if you find a valid source for this, share with me. Before you go on your... Continue Reading →

Should I get Newborn Cloth Diapers?

The questions regarding Newborn Cloth Diapers circulate heavily, usually along the lines of "how many should I get?" or "which brands fit smaller/bigger babies?", but the BIG question often surfaces more than all: "Are newborn cloth diapers worth getting?" That question alone is so multi-faceted that it is it's own topic and requires its own... Continue Reading →

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