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Where’s Plumbum Diapers?

Backstory: Some of you may know that around the time I started Normalize Cloth, I also started Plumbum Diapers in 2018, a local cloth diaper bank. Don't ask where the name came from, I just thought it sounded cute. My mission with Plumbum Diapers was to advocate for, educate about, and provide low income families... Continue Reading →

Pampers Pure “Hybrid” System

So, Pampers Pure Hybrid System... The hybrid system that isn't anymore a hybrid system than disposable incontinence pads are. They're disposable inserts on a cloth shell. I'm not sure about what everyone else thinks, but personally I've been under the impression over the years that a hybrid system is one which a shell can be... Continue Reading →

Bullying in Cloth Diaper Communities

Warning... this may sting a little. Bullying in the cloth diaper groups (and between mom groups in general) really needs to stop. Before you nod your head and agree, it's important to acknowledge that you likely have unwittingly bullied another mom under the guise of offering advice or trying to help. I know I have,... Continue Reading →

Are Stained Diapers Dirty?

I really feel compelled to address a very common misconception. I'll start by stating what should be obvious: The perfect laundry routine can yield stained diapers. Why is this profound? Because so many people believe stained diapers are dirty diapers. They are not the same! A stain does not mean a diaper is dirty! Of... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapers Inhibiting Development?

"Cloth Diapers inhibit motor development" says the expert. They'll gladly cite their source as their college degree. Cloth Diaper Myth #1937482 (but who's counting?), Cloth Diapered Babies Hit Milestones at a Slower Rate than Babies in Disposables. Somebody, please, if you find a valid source for this, share with me. Before you go on your... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering Meconium (and Stains) Myth

"I just use disposables until baby has 'normal' poop." "That tar stuff is impossible to get off!" Meconium stains cloth diapers! How many times have we heard this from well-intended mamas giving advice to those asking about using cloth diapers right from birth? These mamas all have one thing in common: they never actually dealt... Continue Reading →

Public Goods- My Experience since 2017

I know this seems irrelevant to cloth diapers specifically, but Normalize Cloth is about normalizing reusable options even beyond cloth diapers. I don't endorse companies willy-nilly. Most of the time, if a company really impresses me, I make the decision to share about them with others entirely based on my consumer experience. So... Public Goods.... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering 101 Pamphlet FREE PDF

MODERN CLOTH DIAPER 101 PAMPHLET FREE DOWNLOAD Can you fit everything about cloth diapering into a little pamphlet? No. Cloth diapering is overwhelming to the newcomer. I would know. When I first looked into cloth diapering, there was no clear-cut explanation. I was thrusted into a heap of new terminology and acronyms, drowning in confusion.... Continue Reading →

Flats Challenge 2020 is coming!

Bailey at the Cloth Diaper Podcast is hosting this year's 10th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge near the end of May this year. She has been vigorously working to get everything together, her efforts are incredible! She's adding more topics and more opportunities for involvement! With a green light from Bailey, I put together a... Continue Reading →

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