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COVID-19 & Cloth

Welcome to the CoronaVirus Pandemic. I could rant about the panic is creating a vicious cycle of more panic, the ignorance of both the hyper-paranoid and the indifferent, the selfishness of those hoarding materials from people who truly need to quarantine themselves, but I'll try to refrain from too much complaining. Fact is, supplies are... Continue Reading →

Yeast and Cloth Diapers

When the sir was only a year old, I saw it... those trademark dots, the rash that usually indicates... *shivers* ...yeast. Honestly, yeast rashes when I used disposables with my older two children was sadly more common than not... usually when they were breaking teeth through, they'd get some pretty gnarly yeast rashes. It was... Continue Reading →

My Switch From Sposies to Cloth

Some of you may recall from my Day 1 Topic for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge back in 2018 that I discussed how we made the switch to cloth diapers for financial reasons. My husband was working a temp-to-hire job; we were living paycheck to paycheck. Going through periods of no work for him was... Continue Reading →

Bebeboo Diapers Brand Rep!

This is fairly new territory for me. Representing a brand doesn't come lightly. I don't leap for any opportunity just to suck up perks. I can't advocate for products I dislike. I would even go as far to say I can't advocate for products I kind of like. I wouldn't be doing anybody a service,... Continue Reading →

Is Diaper Rash Cream Cloth-Safe?

When stepping excitedly into the world of cloth there are a few bits of not-so-exciting questions we may have regarding cloth diapers. One that is bound to come up along your diapering journey at some point is diaper creams. Are they safe for cloth diapers? What can or can't you use? To answer this as... Continue Reading →

Should I get Newborn Cloth Diapers?

The questions regarding Newborn Cloth Diapers circulate heavily, usually along the lines of "how many should I get?" or "which brands fit smaller/bigger babies?", but the BIG question often surfaces more than all: "Are newborn cloth diapers worth getting?" That question alone is so multi-faceted that it is it's own topic and requires its own... Continue Reading →


Green Mountain Diapers, as anyone who cloth diapers knows, have what I call the "cadillac of prefolds". They are excellent quality and cotton prefolds are arguably a bullet-proof cloth diapering system suitable for any child! And because of their Summer Prefold event, they are giving away TWO DOZEN PREFOLDS to a lucky winner! The giveaway... Continue Reading →

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