Green Mountain Diapers, as anyone who cloth diapers knows, have what I call the “cadillac of prefolds”. They are excellent quality and cotton prefolds are arguably a bullet-proof cloth diapering system suitable for any child!

And because of their Summer Prefold event, they are giving away TWO DOZEN PREFOLDS to a lucky winner! The giveaway closes July 2nd so run on over now and enter for a chance to make a starting stash!

You can enter here.

What size can you win? You pick!

Not sure which to get?

Personally I prefer prefolds around the 13-14 inch range for their versatility. In my experience, granted I have larger babies, this size often fits my babies as early as two weeks old and can be pinned on until about 18lbs or 6 months old. From there, they usually switch to solids and their stools change. At that point, I padfold them and either lay them in a cover or in a pocket diaper! They are the perfect length for them!

Make sure to go enter before it’s too late! Good luck!

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